ABB - UPS System

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) equipments are lifeline of computers and are very critical equipments in the computer room/datacenter to protect computers from power interruption nuisance. PTAL is a authorized distributor in Hong Kong, ABB is a famous brand whose products ranges from 1kVA to 5MVA. We are able to propose products with different technology and different UPS configuration to achieve best price performance ratio and highest reliability within the budget. Different types and configurations are available:

• Off line
• Line interactive
• On line
• Tower model / rack mount model
• Modular expandable
• Easy hot swap
• On site upgrade feasibility, etc.

Sample title

Operation Advantages

Xtra VFI

Operate UPS at high efficiency of over 95% at low load level

Decentralised Parallel Architecture (DPA)

Highest reliability because of no single point of failure in the UPS system

Modular construction

Highest flexibility for “pay as you grow” modularity and offer most cost effective UPS redundancy

IGBT rectifiers

Low harmonics backfeed to mains supply

Flexible battery DC voltage

High compatibility with different battery configurations for maximum battery utilization and matching with existing battery systems