ELSA - Water Leakage Detection System

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• ELSA Touch Panel 3L-TP/12
• ELSA Location Panel 3L-SP/DP/AP/DP
• ELSA Non-Location Panel 3L-NDP/NP
• ELSA Sensing Cable 3L-LS

• The ability to develop our own ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) parts and implement it seamlessly into the product design for the leak detection industry application. 

• The ability to offer semi customized designs or solutions to meet the end customer's specific requirements with fast turn around time. 

• The first and only company to offer "Failed-Safe Loop Back Feature" in the leak detection industry, which differentiates ourselves from traditional design (i.e. which only offers normal end termination approach).
- This new Elsa feature will enable the system to continue detecting liquid leakage, even in the event of a cable break occurrence at the starting point of the sensing cable.

• Offer custom length providence for sensing cable to meet the exact requirements at the installation site. 

• The ability to offer flexible design solutions such as: 
- Distributed or centralized panels system design; 
- Touch panel (optional) with various display sizes (such as LCD dimensions in 7 inch. 12 inch & etc).
- Leak sensitivity is easily adjustable at site for each panel/zone.

We have grown exponentially since the time of its inception. We position ourselves in the frontier of the business with consistent effort in new product innovation and development.